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englert leaf guard gutters by beldon home solutions logo, choose this leafguard gutter contractor for your new gutter installationOhio homeowner, you are starting to notice the effects of Mother Nature’s change of mind. The four season climate forces us to be prepared for any kind of weather. While Fall may be the messiest season, Spring wreaks similar havoc, especially in your home’s rain gutters. Leafguard Brand rain gutters are the answer to Mother Nature’s moodiness, and are guaranteed to stay clog-free!

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LeafGuard gutters are guaranteed not to clog with leaves, pine needles, or other organic debris – If they do we’ll clean them for you!

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“Old gutters taken down carefully because we had a use for them. Premises were left in immaculate condition! Our foundation plantings were not damaged. Very careful crew!!”

R.W.- Suffield, Ohio

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LeafGuard’s Superior Design

Necessity is the mother of invention, as well as ingenuity. You may have noticed that your old rain gutters clog with leaves, and other natural debris, easily and rapidly, due to their open trough design.

  • LeafGuard rain gutters solve this problem by deflecting debris out, while directing rainwater into the gutter. This is accomplished by LeafGuard’s patented curved hood. The hood allows water free travel, but leaves can’t get in.

An inherent flaw in older rain gutters is their multiple-piece construction: pine needles and small twigs get lodged in the seams and create gaps, which will lead to ice-wedging and ultimate failure- water follows the path of least resistance.

  • LeafGuard solves this problem by being seamless: One piece construction–that won’t put holes in your roof–not only resolves this issue, but is also more aesthetically pleasing. LeafGuard’s design naturally compliments your roof’s triangular shape.

Standard rain gutters are not only ugly, awkward, and inefficient, but they leave the wood, like fascia, exposed to the elements. This can lead to problems like dry-rot and insect infestation.

  • LeafGuard’s patented design protects your home by covering otherwise exposed surfaces by utilizing a combination of aluminum and vinyl soffit and fascia systems.

LeafGuard Gutters

A 100% Clog-free

image of squirrel falling off ladder, dont fall of the ladder while cleaning guttersIf you’re a homeowner in Ohio, or anywhere in the Midwest, you know the struggle to keep your rain gutters working properly. LeafGuard rain gutters are 100% clog-free, and the correct answer to Mother Nature’s fury. LeafGuard rain gutters are seamless, come in a variety of colors, and can be installed quickly by professional technicians.

If you’re going to spend money on rain gutter replacement, upgrade to a patented system. Never endanger yourself trying to keep your gutters clean by hanging from a dangerous ladder again! Instead, stay safe and worry-free, and enjoy nature rather than fight with it.

Let LeafGuard be the mediator between combatants. LeafGuard utilizes rust-resistant, invisible brackets, a curved surface shield, and seamless construction. Water is channeled into the gutter, while debris, nesting birds, and other animals are deflected out. Oversize spouts allow water to travel and exit efficiently. LeafGuard’s seamless design and variety of color choice perfectly compliment your home–it’s the best response to Mother Nature and her drama.

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